Gwendoline Mahé

Maître de Conférence


Research interests

  • Cognitive Neuroscience, Psycholinguistic, ERPs
  • Expert reading, Developmental dyslexia, Reading acquisition, Reading predictors (e.g., RAN...)
  • Bilingualism, L2 acquisition
  • Visual word recognition, Reading aloud, Visuo-spatial attention



  • Mahé G, Pont C, Zesiger P, & Laganaro M (in press). The time course of print processing in developmental dyslexia: Distinct patterns of impairments in lexical decision and reading aloud. Neuropsychologia.
  • Cohen M, Mahé G, Laganaro M, & Zesiger P (2018) Does the relationship between rapid automatized naming and reading depend on age or on reading level? A behavioural and ERP study. Frontiers in Human Neurosciences, 12:73.
  • Mahé G, Zesiger P, & Laganaro, M (2015) Beyond the initial 140 ms, lexical decision and reading aloud are different tasks: An ERP study with topographic analysis. Neuroimage, 15(122), 65-72.
  • Mahé G, Doignon-Camus N, Dufour A, & Bonnefond A (2014) Conflict control processing in adults with developmental dyslexia: an event related potentials study. Clinical Neurophysiology 125(1), 69-76.
  • Mahé G, Bonnefond A, & Doignon-Camus N (2014) The time course of the syllable frequency effect in visual word recognition: evidence for both facilitatory and inhibitory effects in French. Reading & Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal 27(1), 171-187.
  • Mahé G, Bonnefond A, & Doignon-Camus N (2013) Is the impaired N170 print tuning specific to developmental dyslexia? A matched reading level study with poor readers and dyslexics. Brain & Language 127, 539-544.
  • Mahé G, Bonnefond A, Gavens N, Dufour A, & Doignon-Camus N (2012) Impaired visual expertise for print in french adults with dyslexia as shown by N170 tuning. Neuropsychologia 50(14), 3200-3206.



Since september 2016: Lecturer position, SCALab, University Charles de Gaulle Lille 3

2014-2016. Post-doctoral researcher, University of Geneva, Switzerland. Supervisors: Pr. Pascal Zesiger and Pr. Marina Laganaro; FNS grant 100014_149595: Rapid naming and reading skills in school-aged children : A behavioral and ERP approach to the contribution of the lexical-phonological processes."

2013-2014. Post-doctoral researcher, Laboratoire Parole et Langage (LPL), CNRS, Aix-en-Provence, France. Supervisor: Pr. Maud Champagne-Lavau, ANR MINDPROGEST: "Interaction between language and theory of mind with ERPs".



2010-2013. PhD in Cognitive Neurosciences, Strasbourg University. Supervisor Pr. André Dufour, Co-supervisors: Dr. Nadège Doignon-Camus and Dr. Anne Bonnefond. “Visual word recognition in developmental dyslexia: implication of ventral and dorsal pathways”.



Gwendoline Mahé
Laboratoire SCALab (UMR CNRS 9193)
Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille III
Domaine universitaire du Pont de Bois
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